casual Kurti. So what do you look for in your go-to footwear design? There is, of course, the fashion quotient. Then comes comfort, which is also the core requisite of the footwear that you choose to wear. How can you forget designer footwear? Perfect for every occasion, festival and wedding festivities! Are you tired of visiting the same footwear shop over and over again? Well, you are in luck! Cos at Craftsvilla, you shall definitely find what you seek. Our footwear collection boasts of Sandals, Mojris, Kolhapuris, Peep-toe flats, etc. Looking for quirky prints, embellished, embroidered works of heart? Well, all of your favourite footwear styles are literally just a click away., India’s largest online ethnic wear store, brings us closer to our roots by offering us a mind-blowing range of footwear. So, the next time you think footwear, explore Craftsvilla’s the wide range of footwear online. Indulge the shoe-aholic in you with the different designs, colours, and styles of footwear available.


Origin Of Footwear

Can you imagine traveling without any footwear, wherever you go? The idea of the delicate soles of your feet on streets littered with tiny rocks, fallen twigs, and dust and pollution elements sure seems like a nightmare! Yet, history tells us that many ancient civilizations were wary of donning even the most comfortable of footwear. But owing to many geographical conditions like the sudden change in weather from hot to cold and vice versa, humans began to realize the importance of covering up one’s precious feet with various types of footwear. The Mesopotamian civilization covered their feet with shoes as soft as feather, which were essentially made of leather and were very close to the moccasins that are sported by men & women today, factually held together by rawhide lacings. And nearly 10,000 years ago the first pair of sandals was worn in the United States of America. The people of ancient Greece first wore sandals and thus began the evolution of footwear. During the course of the history of the world, people around the globe sported variations of sandals made from natural materials like papyrus and palm leaves (Egypt), willow leaves and twigs (Greece) and sagebrush bark (as found in California) without any knowledge of each others’ footwear practices. By the dawn of 18th century, shoes made of fabric/cloth began gaining all the necessary attention. Men as well as women wore shoes that had the same shape, but were made of different materials and would often vary in the type of style. As fabric shoes gained momentum, they finally began to look different as shoemakers used a combination of materials, style, and colour to differentiate between the heel and toe of the shoe. Early Indians too wore sandals or chappals crafted from the wood itself, popularly then known as Kharau. The art of shoemaking in our country evolved over the generations and gave us handmade footwear such as Nagras, Mojris and Kolhapuri chappals. No matter how popular the western styles are, nothing spells more comfortable than the true blue beauty of nagras, mojris and Kolhapuri chappals.


How To Pick The Right Footwear From Craftsvilla

Are you looking to purchase ethnic footwear online, that too from Craftsvilla? There are a few tips that you can use to make your choice an easy one. Craftsvilla is a place where you can find any kind of accessories, even men’s footwear design and much more. Whatever you want we have it. To pick the right footwear online from Craftsvilla and to filter through the number of famous footwear we have, consider the following.





The Charm Of Shopping With Craftsvilla

Shopping with Craftsvilla makes all the difference. It gives you an experience that you will not forget and will make any fashionista realize that shopping is indeed a fun experience. We ensure that all our customers get a great shopping. Craftsvilla always has a new collection of footwear to keep our clients attracted and give them the latest and trending styles. By having new accessories online India, we make shopping more fun. Other than that, Craftsvilla has also simplified everything for you so that you do not run into any troubles while shopping. The process from start to finish is easy to follow, and therefore, you will not be stuck. In case you need any help, our team will also offer you the help you need. With a team that responds swiftly and a user-friendly interface, what could probably go wrong? The payment methods that are also applicable to Craftsvilla are also very flexible and accommodative. It will give you an easy time, and you will receive your product in a very short time. Maybe you had ever experienced a tough time when you wanted to buy accessories online, but Craftsvilla will make your experience a good one. Trust us because we know we are up to the task. You will experience the charm of shopping with Craftsvilla!

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