home décor needs. We are a company that is entitled to give you the best and most creatively designed clocks that speaks of our heritage yet not bound by it. We can think outside the box to ensure that we give you the perfect watch designs that will accentuate your home, blend with your décor, and yet stand out from everything else. It will be your home’s ‘centerpiece’ that visitors cannot help but admire. Every time you will look at the wall clock to check the time as you head out to work, your eyes will be met by a pop of color, beauty, and uniqueness. This will excite your mind, and it will translate to a beautiful day. Wait no more and purchase our wall clock online and you will attest to the fact that we offer nothing but the best.


Origin Of Clocks

Clocks are devices that are used to measure, keep, and tell time. The name ‘clock’ came from two Celtic words and they are Clagan and Clocca and their translation is ‘bell.’ They are different from watches as well as any other timepieces. As one of the oldest inventions by humans, clocks have come a very long way. The evolution has been wonderful up to date. Typically, there were different types of time-measuring devices, but the most interesting thing to note is the invention of the mechanical clocks. These were invented in England (1386) and France (1389). These clocks proved to be more accurate than all the other types of clocks invented like the sundials, pendulum, hairsprings, water, atomic, and so on. Even so, they had a weakness, and it was their source of power. A lot of developments and inventions happened in between up to when there was another excellent invention known to man as the first modern mechanical clock. This was 500 years later. It looked very similar to what we have today and it was invented by Peter Heinlein who was born in Germany. As from the 17th century, more people started paying all the more attention to designing wall clocks as people started purchasing wall clocks since it was prestigious to have one. The evolution kept happening up to when we had Quartz clocks which made clocks more affordable and accessible. From then onwards, it became a must-have home décor, and that is why we can never miss bringing you the finest wall clocks in the whole of India. It is not just about being able to tell time but adding beauty and value to your home.


How To Pick The Right Wall Clock

Craftsvilla is a company that understands the need for beautifully designed watches. That is why our line of wall clocks online is exquisite. As you do your wall clock online India shopping, keep in mind the following factors:

The dominant color in your home: There are traditional homes that have a dominant color present where you find that everything has a specific neutral color. You will also need to buy wall clocks that will be in complement with the color. We have beige, black, blue, brown, gold, and more colors to choose from.

Your interior design: There are different kinds of interior design styles. It can either be modern, contemporary or traditional. We have watches that will fit the style and design of your home easily. They all have a touch of uniqueness that you will appreciate.

The size: these wall clocks come in different sizes. If you want a watch that will steal all the attention and be the focal point, we have the perfect designer wall clock for you. If you want one that is not so big but still stylish and beautiful, we also have you covered.

Your décor: The home décor that your house possesses will also influence the kind of clock you will pick. If you prefer simple home decor, then you can go with a wall clock or clock with photo frames that is simple yet sophisticated. It should not have too many details to it but must be beautifully crafted.

The purpose of use: do you want to use it in an office, at home, in a hotel, or a restaurant? Depending on where you want t use the clock, you will need the right designer wall clock. If it is a restaurant or hotel, for example, you will need big clocks for easy viewing.


Unique Collection Of Our Wall Clocks

We have a unique collection of wall clocks, and we always offer you a wide variety so that you can have a good time as you search for wall clocks online. Our wall clocks are beautifully crafted to give you a perfectly finished product. We use durable and high-quality materials at all times. We add a touch of creativity and tradition to these clocks so that we can give you a perfect blend of each.  The designer wall clock that you will buy will meet your expected standards. We have used color to add life to these clocks and numerous artistic details to ensure our line of clocks standout from the rest of the market. That is why, with Craftsvilla, you will never go wrong.


The Charm Of Shopping With Craftsvilla

Shopping for a wall clock online can be a tedious process, and those who have had a bad experience may never try it again! Even so, with Craftsvilla, the experience is different. We have used the best software to develop the website so that you can have the best experience as a user.  Your online shopping follows very simple steps, and in minutes you will be done. We also have security layers of protection to ensure all details and information given to us is safe and secure. Other than the above, we also ensure we introduce new watches everyday so that we can have new items you can look forward to purchasing. This ensures that at all times, you will find something unique at Craftsvilla that will impress your sense of uniqueness, style, elegance, and creativity!

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